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Katie Savoy wins Best Actress
at The Miami International Sci-fi Festival

as a woman struggling to survive alone
in a post-apocalyptic wasteland who discovers
a virtual-reality machine and escapes from
her loneliness into a scenic virtual world.


Crackle’s latest original series Sequestered 
has subverted nearly every expectation
one might have for an online streaming thriller, and by doing so has established itself as a breezily suspenseful trip through
the conspiracy-soaked aftermath of a
well-publicized murder.

This might be a gamechanger, guys.

-Cinema Blend



Virtually Heroes

One of the oddest films at Sundance,
or anywhere in recent memory
(which explains the midnight screening slot)
is a high octane video game, think Call of Duty, turned tongue in cheek, live action feature,
and destined for cultdom.

- Huffington Post

Bon & Viv

If you like watching ambitious entrepreneurs pitch their products on Shark Tank,
then you’ll probably enjoy Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer’s Super Bowl LIII ad.

-USA today

"We wanted the look to be feminine and
strong and a powerful mystical feature.
So the mermaid, she fit."

With the Super Bowl ad, the brand was careful to avoid
the sexualized interpretation of mermaids, Phillips says. "It has two females
in a founder position and presented in a different way than we have ever seen
alcohol present females characters before," she says. "The strength of these women is very important to me. As a female VP, I want to see more of that representation in this space, but I didn't want it to be a trope.
I just wanted it to feel natural...versus more of an overt statement."

-Ad Age 



GEEKSCAPE – Interview with Katie Savoy, Viet Nguyen,
& Chris Riedell


Crush the Skull

100% on Rotten Tomatoes

“Crush the Skull features a great new talent
in Katie Savoy, who plays the heroine
and leader of the thieves…
her screen presence is impossible to ignore.”

Easily the most thrilling thriller in recent memory, “Crush the Skull” seems destined for cult status. Winner of the Nightfall Award for best horror film at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival, it recalls the snappy meta horrors
of the mid-1990s.


Both Dinh and Savoy turn in strong work in Crush the Skull, providing the story with a lot of heart and they exhibit great chemistry together, making it impossible to not want to root for them during their nightmarish ordeal.


Nguyen’s direction adeptly brings many funny and fear-inducing scenes to life, an effect no doubt bolstered by the excellent performances of a stellar cast that includes Chris Dinh, Tim Chiou, Katie Savoy, Chris Riedell, and Lauren Reeder in a film reminiscent of other comedy-horror hybrids such as Eli Craig’s “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” or Drew Goddard’s “The Cabin in The Woods.”


the midwife’s deception

Katie Savoy makes for a likable protagonist,
playing a much more believable victim
than most Lifetime heroines.


What makes this a better movie than the Lifetime norm... is that Clouston is willing to make her characters complex... Katie Savoy...
so convincing as a woman in the later stages of pregnancy I wondered if Clouston had cast an actress who actually was pregnant for the role

-Movie Magg



everything before us

In Wong Fu’s  film, Everything Before Us, 
Katie Savoy portrays Sandy, the wife of Ben’s
know-it-all best friend Henry. Nosy and a bit
nit-picky, Sandy doesn’t hide her disapproval
of Ben and his dismal relationship track record.

Aside from Everything Before Us, Savoy stars as one of the leading ladies in Viet Nguyen’s horror-comedy flick, Crush the Skull.



Some Kind of Evil

Chris and Nick Riedell teamed up with POW! Entertainment and Stan Lee himself to create this film,
which is available to watch on YouTube now.




Sharktopus vs pteracuda

She’s not only very pretty, but also
has a very winning screen presence. Best line, “I’m going to have this creature eating out of the palm of my hand!”

If you don’t know her name, you’ve definitely seen her face. Katie Savoy has been one of the sexiest to have ever guested on 
How I Met Your Mother and Entourage
and now she’s got the role of a lifetime
with Conan O’Brien)
in SyFy’s latest wacky original, 
Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.


living with models

Living With  Models (LWM) is back
for Season 3 and it’s better than ever! 
This season comes with relationship drama, special guest stars, and most importantly
a spoof of LOST.




Low-key and low-profile, the former theatre major doesn’t stake claim in a Wikipedia page
or personal website, but Katie’s role in the Verizon commercial, starring as a transformed Adrian Peterson emerging from the pool,
was enough to cast her as 
Sports Illustrated’s “Lovely Lady of the Day”



SI posted Katie on the home page. She trended to the top of the pack in Google’s Top 20 trends within three hours of their post.

“Other Things Not To Say
To A New Mom”

She doesn’t want to know if your kid
was an amazing sleeper.  Or pooped rainbows.  Or was sitting up and grasping and running a marathon and basically a genius by
age 4 months.  She’s very hormonal.  Telling her any of this is a good way to lose an eye.

-written by katie for
pregnant chicken

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